Technology Driving Human Engagement

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Has your business invested in technologies and apps that no one is using?

  • Do you use multiple platforms to run your business that don’t talk to each other?
  • Do you struggle with engaging your clientele?

Engaging clients begins with building a positive social experience. This requires human interaction that is independent of technology. The proliferation of technologies have helped us overcome many obstacles related to efficiency with our time; however, it has the potential to negatively impact our capacity to build strong human relationships.

The adoption of technology from activity trackers to nutrition apps has been the fastest growing fitness trend since 2013 among many business sectors such as fitness clubs, employers and healthcare providers. Despite the availability of this technology, businesses continue to struggle with engaging their clients. Businesses are then left with the option of either abandoning their technology or adding another layer of technology with the hopes that this will be the solution. The Problem? Technology is not the solution to customer engagement.


Technology Driving Human Engagement!

Our proprietary technology optimizes engagement by empowering you with information to engage directly with clients. The end goal of our data analytics is to strengthen the human relationship between clients and staff. We make tracking data efficient so you can spend more time interacting with people!

Highlight Services

  • Data integration with robust analytics
  • Accessible through any secure internet connection
  • Tracks patient quality of life, readiness to change and health risk assessments
  • Tracks clinical data related to bio-metric health markers, orthopedic/musculoskeletal health and fall risk
  • Individualized exercise prescription builder with full database
  • Goal and task management with member progress dashboard
  • Enterprise capability that serves both large and small customers
  • Integrates adaptive checklists and population health outcomes
  • Managed by our team to ensure operational efficiency and ongoing support
  • Report builder and data export functionality (SPSS, SAS, R)

PORT serves a variety of customers from hospitals, to physical therapists, to fitness centers. Despite the diversity of our customer base, we have a singular goal: To power you with solutions that are proven to support healthier, more engaged clients.

We Help You

  • Collect data
  • Track outcomes
  • Engage your clients
  • Coordinate their care

We Provide

  • Technology
  • Staff Education
  • Business Analytics Support
  • Marketing/Lead Generation

Solutions For

  • Healthcare providers
  • Fitness Centers
  • High schools
  • Academic Institutions