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Our Process

Phase 1 Case Study

In order to increase the probability of each programs success. Phase one takes the plan designed from the needs assessment and runs a live case study with a group of 100 of your employees. This allows us to prove out the process before we roll it out to the rest of your employees. This is a six month phase that is designed to identify any changes that need to be made, training your in house support staff that will help facilitate the program. All while receiving great outcomes from the 100 low to high risk employees in the control group.

Phase 2 Roll Out

Once phase one is completed we move into the second phase which is the program roll out. We have demonstrated greater than 90% engagement in high cost/high risk populations in our multifaceted program both locally and nationally.This is in large part because of our customized systems and technology. But also the process that we use to roll out the program into your company.We add members in blocks of 100 at a time, this assures that each group has the proper on boarding to the program. But also that the program scales effectively and efficiently with so many moving parts. By not rushing the ramp up it also allows your in house support staff the time to become experts in the process.

Phase 3 Independence

The last 12 months of the 3 year program is focused on your company's transition to independence by becoming totally self sustained. Our goal is to  designed and  build your program services with you so that you can take control of it while we take a more licensed and  supportive roll. Providing support , training, certifications and data security.